The All-Time Best Ways to Kill Your Freelancing Business

Michael Stover
6 min readAug 5, 2022

I surprised you, right? The beginning of that title caught your eye — “The All-Time Best…” what??? Judging from my past writings you likely expected a new listing of strategic moves to enhance your freelancing business. Or how to build a successful freelance business. But these homicidal truths are just as important to explore — and avoid.

After several years now as a full-time freelancer, I’ve discovered a few hard truths through trial and error. Most have been mistakes I’ve made and the pain from them lingers to emphasize the importance of the lesson. Some were more painful than others; but they all can spell certain death for your freelancing business, regardless of whether you write copy, create video, handle social media, design custom graphics or handle bookkeeping.

Plowing a Broad Furrow

One of the worst ways to make it in freelancing is by trying to be good at everything. No one is equally good at every aspect of their chosen profession. When I began my freelancing business part-time, I took on every writing and editing job available. I was pressed to earn a living for a large family after a career implosion, and needed as much cash as I could earn. Looking back, it may have been the right path at the time; but I wonder if narrowing my focus would’ve brought better jobs my way sooner.

Successful freelancers choose a narrow niche specialty and become immersed in it. Become a well-known specialist in a particular area with a reputation for excellence, knowledge and superior skills. For example, my absolute best specialty is writing and editing web copy — mainly web pages and blog posts. Close to 90% of my earnings comes from only this type of work.

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