Here’s Why No One is Reading Your Blog

Michael Stover
8 min readAug 8, 2018

Do you blog? The question comes up in writer’s circles and business get-togethers quite often. Blogging is the thing to do. Everyone wants to share what they know, what they think, and what they do with everyone else. So do you, right? But, is anyone reading it?

Blogging is big business. Grant Sabatier, founder of the Millennial Money blog, shared that he earned over $400k blogging in 2017. He has helped many bloggers monetize their blogs and also claims that growing numbers are earning the same or more than he is from their blogging efforts.

Blogging is also a big part of digital advertising. This is where I come into the picture. My freelance writing business is primarily writing and editing blog copy for large digital advertising firms that provide a regular supply of blogs for clients.

I write about such varied topics as digital advertising, legal issues, drone technology, fixed wireless internet, cloud computing, real estate, translating, medical, dental, and pharmaceutical, among other topics. My blogs have to be good, or digital marketing firms will go elsewhere.

Why No One Reads Your Blogs

You likely know about blogging, and whether you are trying to make money from your blog or drive leads to your company website, you have lots of hard-driving competition. Users can find any kind of information about every topic imaginable (and a few we could not imagine, I’m sure) on the internet, and your outpost is but a minuscule part of the WWW.

If you’ve noticed that you get no visits, readers, clicks, shares, or other interactions on your blog, there could be a host of reasons. Like I said, competition is huge and fierce. I want to focus on five of the main reasons no one reads your blog. These are the five topmost things that kill blogs. There are others; start by fixing these and then fine tune things when business begins to pick up.

Your Blog is Uninteresting