Enrich Your Writing

Michael Stover
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Add Some Elements that Make Your Content Stronger

Enrich Your Writing
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Gardening aficionados know that to get the best plants, you must add things to the soil. Certain elements enhance the overall quality of the soil — and the plants.

In my writing career, I’ve learned that some small things can make a big difference in my finished copy. Like adding fertilizer to your lawn or garden, a few small additives can often yield disproportionately large dividends.

In my writing career, I’ve learned that some small things can make a big difference in my finished copy.

Good Grammar

Nothing derails how your ideas and thoughts are understood like bad grammar. Although grammar is a basic skill taught in all elementary, middle, and high schools, it seems most people skipped English for gym class. Don’t believe me? Browse a few Facebook posts or other social media comments.

You may be highly intelligent, but your writing errors make you look less so to others. Misspelled words, poor word choices, wrong (or lack of) punctuation, and poor organization leave would-be readers wondering what you mean — or skipping your writing entirely.

Consistent Writing Rules

Modern writing is much different than the strict formats from school and college. Some conventions in essay writing are completely tossed out the window in online writing. But whatever writing rules you choose to use, stick to them throughout the entire piece. Varying your writing in the small things can be confusing and throw off more discerning readers.

The following are little things, but changing them up in the same piece of writing signals a lack of attention to detail. Smart readers may wonder what else you’ve taken shortcuts on (like maybe your research). Pay attention to these writing elements and be consistent in how you use them:

  • Using (or not using) the Oxford comma
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