Are You Ready to Start Ignoring Google?

Michael Stover
5 min readNov 27, 2021
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The digital marketing world has bowed down before Google for too long. Every new change in algorithm or ranking factors generated a whirlwind of SEO changes and new marketing approaches as every marketer tried to use the latest changes to get on top of page one.

Can we just stop now?

Even Google Wants to Appeal to People

Look at all the changes that have been made since Google became the number one arbiter of what goes or doesn’t go on the internet. Every change has moved them just a bit more toward becoming human in how they view content and ranking. Believe it or not, Google wants to help users find content that is helpful and meets their needs. Every search factor points in the direction if user-friendly.

So, why are marketers still writing in SEO code?

I’ll bet, after hours of keyword research, you follow these basic SEO guidelines for every piece of content you produce:

  • Use a 1–2% keyword density
  • Use long-tail keywords sparingly
  • Include the primary keyword in the title and meta title
  • Include the primary keyword in the first 100 words of text
  • Include the primary keyword in at least one sub-heading
  • Place an internal link on the earliest use of the primary keyword in the text
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Use secondary keywords no more than two or three times
  • Use quality backlinks for credibility

There probably isn’t anything wrong with these tips — in fact, I recommend them within reason. But focusing too much on writing to please Google leaves little time to focus on writing to appeal to our primary audience — people.

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