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“You’re not really a writer then; you don’t write books.”

I’m routinely amazed at the ignorance of most people. Of course, ignorance about many subjects is widespread; everyone cannot know everything about everything. What is truly amazing is the ignorance displayed by people who pretend to know about something when they clearly do not. And of course, they feel compelled to offer an opinion that only reveals the high degree of ignorance they have achieved.

As a professional freelance digital copywriter, I’m frequently asked what I do for a living. I find myself explaining it to most people, about 90%…

Words are the stock in trade of the writer. We use them to weave a tapestry of expression and communication, of entertainment and persuasion. An exceptional challenge facing every writer is avoiding the chasm of banal, dull writing. Using the same words repeatedly is a sure prescription for mundane writing.

This is why it is important for every writer to constantly build their vocabulary to improve the quality of writing they produce. A vocabulary should be ever-evolving like your skills as a writer. …

Many people thinking of starting their own business will pass this article by, to their disadvantage. Too many people see anything relating to “writing” and keep scrolling, as if writing were some far-out notion only employed by those who “have the muse.” How utterly stupid that notion is; and even more so after I’ve worked successfully as a full-time digital copywriter for a number of years.

I will be the first to affirm that anyone wishing to become a writer should possess some basic writing skills. But alas, I’ve been at this profession long enough to see writers making a…

So Stop Already and Do Something About It!

Anyone who spends any time online reading will quickly realize that illiteracy is rampant among the adult population.

I mean, seriously. Take a look at your stream on social media to see a veritable flood of examples. If you haven’t noticed it, you are likely one of those whose writing is so pathetic.

I know as a professional writer and editor that I may seem biased toward the literate. I do, in fact, prefer to read social posts and other material that can actually be understood.

But the fact is that even…

Reflections on My Own Freelancing Business

Every new year provides an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and articulate its most important lessons. Of course, reflection without serious consideration is only reminiscing. I choose instead to write down the lessons learned in my freelancing business from 2020 as a means to remember them for the future. As a wise man, exactly whom is disputed, once opined, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Taking down a 2020 calendar and hanging a new one for 2021 does…

Have you ever walked along railroad tracks for any distance? I’ll bet you eventually ended up walking alongside the tracks and not on them. Why? The rails are too narrow for normal walking, so a few moments of balancing fun gave way to walking on the wooden cross ties.

But that, too, didn’t last very long. Railroad track cross ties are not optimally placed for a normal walking gait. They are too close together for most people. Indeed, they were intended to support the weight of a train, not the walk of a human.

Too many would-be writers make the…

Church members, even pastors, may ask this question: “What can I do to help restore others?”

Floyd Welch was a 20-year-old electrician’s mate aboard the USS Maryland on Sunday, December 7, 1941. When the first wave of attack planes came into view, Mr. Welch was getting the public address system ready for church services that morning. As a result of the bomb damage she absorbed, the USS Oklahoma, moored alongside Mr. Welch’s ship, rolled over in the harbor, bottom up. Hundreds of men were trapped below decks.

During most discussions about the ministry of restoration, this question comes up. “Can a person who has a public failure ever be useful in ministry again?” Most often, the question is posed by a broken, shamed, and struggling church servant who is seeking hope. Occasionally, the question is raised by a well-meaning church member or leader with conflicting beliefs, ideas, or emotions. From time to time, that person serves their church on a search committee or deacon leadership team. All, regardless of their station or role, are seeking hard truth on which to base important decisions.

The Unclear Factors Involved in Restoration

Can a person who…

Simple Ideas, Deeply Understood

Back when I was still part-time freelance writing and editing, I worked days with middle school math students. Now math has come a long way since I was in middle school back in the early 80s, but one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of practicing the fundamentals.

Math is one of those subjects that just takes practice. Learn the formulas and rules to work computations correctly, assess the problem before you, and apply the correct set of rules, following the steps exactly the same every single time, and you will arrive at the correct solution. …

What makes a perfect blog post? Due to the different purposes of bloggers, the perfect blog, like the elephant, resembles a tree, a snake, a wall, or a rope, depending on where the blind take hold of it.

Michael Stover

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