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The digital marketing world has bowed down before Google for too long. Every new change in algorithm or ranking factors generated a whirlwind of SEO changes and new marketing approaches as every marketer tried to use the latest changes to get on top of page one.

Can we just stop…

Freelancers often have a poor reputation, and not without some merit. Incorporating some professionalism into how you conduct business can improve your chances of winning profitable repeat clients. Here’s some valuable tips on Professional Freelancing Etiquette.

Act Like a Responsible Business Owner — Because You ARE!

Freelancing has come a long way from its inauspicious beginnings. Without tracing an…

“You’re not really a writer then; you don’t write books.”

I’m routinely amazed at the ignorance of most people. Of course, ignorance about many subjects is widespread; everyone cannot know everything about everything. What is truly amazing is the ignorance displayed by people who pretend to know about something when…

Reflections on My Own Freelancing Business

Every new year provides an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and articulate its most important lessons. Of course, reflection without serious consideration is only reminiscing. I choose instead to write down the lessons learned in my freelancing business from 2020 as a…

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